Wood Fired Kids Collection
When our first son Noah began eating solid foods I became suddenly aware of just exactly what was going into his body.  Here was this brand new human that I was feeding, and I could control every bite.  I began making his food using veggies, grains and fruit from our local co-op or our garden.  Scooping a dallop of pureed organic veggies into a plastic dish just didn't seem right; after all, if I was so concerned about healthy, chemical-free food, shouldn't he be eating out of safe, chemical-free dishes?
Thus began this line of kids pots.  Smaller versions of our plates, bowls and mugs, perfect for small hands and bellies.  They're sturdy and strong, with wide, flat bottoms to keep them upright on the table, even with very vigorous use.  The two handled mugs are equally right for a beginning drinker or a roaming toddler.  For a slightly older child, the one handled mug is a good choice.
Perfect for a baby shower or as a special gift for any child in your life. Durable, sturdy, and as always, microwave and dishwasher safe, you can be confident that your child is eating out of non-toxic, completely food safe pots.  And, they're affordable, because we want them to be used for every meal.
My husband Nate and I have owned and operated Allamakee Wood-Fired Pottery for over 10 years now, making functional wood-fired pots and selling them at art fairs, in galleries and out of our home.  We strive to create beautiful and affordable pots that can be used and enjoyed daily.  The Wood Fired Kids Collection is a safe and durable plastic alternative, as special as the little one who is using them.