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With 4 different glaze and decoration options, each one with one or two handles, you can be sure to find one (or more!) that your child will love.  The one handled mugs are now bigger than the two handled mug, to suit older kids a little better.  Mix and match for more choices, or get different styles for siblings, so each child can have their own favorite set.  All glazes are completely food, microwave and dishwasher safe. 
Ash with Stars
Celadon/Iron with Sun
Ash with Sun
Our ash glaze is made from granite dust, indigenous clays and ash from our wood stove.  The handmade star stamps add a whimsical look.  A set of 3 stars are on each piece, with 2 sets on each two handled mug, one set on the one handled mug.
This is our Celadon over iron slip glaze, with a hand incised sun decoration.  The bowls and plates are generally darker, the mugs have more lovely rust and golden tones in with the black.
The same ash glaze as our "Ash with Stars" sets, but with a white slip applied underneath, and the sun decoration incised through the slip.  Plates and bowls tend to be mainly green, with some blue accents where the glaze is thicker, the mugs can have a beautiful orange glow.
These sets feature natural ash glaze on the exterior of the mug, with the celadon on the insides.  The set of 3 stars grace each mug, with 2 sets on the 2 handled mugs.
Personalized Sets
Personalize your set of pots!  For $4 more per piece, have your child's name hand carved on all three pots.  Choose between Ash with Sun, Ash with Stars or Celedon with Stars.  
Celadon with Stars
All of these sets (except the personalized ones, for $44) are $32 each.  The set includes a plate, bowl and mug.  These pots are handmade, so size and color may vary a bit.

Approximate sizes are:  Plate ~ 6"-7" wide.  Bowl ~ 5" wide. 
Mug (2 handles) ~ 3"-3 1/2" tall.  Mug (1 handle) ~ 4"-4 1/2" tall.

Please click on the Online Store link to your right to make a purchase.  Under Category, select "Kids Pots"

If you feel you want more information, or to order a personalized set, don't hesitate to email us directly at woodfire@acegroup.cc 

We fire 5 times a year, in February, April, July, September and December, and would need a few weeks notice to get your pots in the next firing.
Nolan, Ash with Stars.
Noah, Ash with Sun.
Jack, Ash with Stars.