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Compliment your set with alphabet mugs and blueberry bowls.
I was making my nephews their own mugs for Christmas,
and found that I couldn't stop until I made the whole alphabet. 

Each mug features a hand carved letter and 3 star stamps, under our ash glaze.

Alphabet Mugs
Blueberry Bowls
When I handed my son one of these bowls, the first thing he wanted to eat out of it was blueberries, hence the name.  These sweet little bowls can be used for a small amount of anything; try a bit of soup, applesauce or cereal.  The rounded sides make scooping up that last bite nice and easy, and they come in all 4 of our glaze options. 
These pots aren't yet on our online store, but if you want to order anything, just email us at:  woodfire@acegroup.cc and we'll be glad to help you out!  We hope to have all 26 letters in stock; if we don't, we'll certainly have what you need in our next firing.