Personalized Pots
Kids love to see their own names, and what better place than on the pots they are using for a meal!?  We make these unique personalized sets for just this reason.  Each set of 3 comes with a name stamped on each piece, along with the stars.  These sets are great for birthdays or baby gifts!
Each set is $45.  We usually fire in March, April, September and December, so there may be a wait on these special order pots, depending on when you order.  But, as our kids let us know, they're worth the wait!  Our sons Noah and Finn love their special pots--and they never need to argue about which one is theirs!
If you'd like a one-of-a-kind birthday gift, we are also happy to do a set, or individual piece with a name and number for the special event!
We can also do individual pieces, for $15 each.  So, if it's time to get all your nieces and nephews a Christmas gift, you can get them all a mug or a bowl or a plate, rather than the whole set.
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